Seminars and Workshops organized during 2007-08

Two lectures on Vigilance awareness were organized by the CCL Vigilance at MTI, HRD, Ranchi on 11.10.2007 and 29.10.2007 which were attended by a group of officers of Excavation Discipline and officers of Safety Department. 

On 14.11.2007 a seminar/ workshop on Coal Marketing under e-Booking Scheme was organized at MTC /HRD/ HQ. by the Sales & Marketing Department of CCL under the guidance  of CVO, CCL. The above workshop was attended by more than 60 participants including Coal Consumers. This workshop was also attended by the Director(Tech.) Oprn., Director(Tech) P&P, CVO, concerned HODs of CCL. This has happened first time in CCL history that an open forum was provided to the coal customers/ consumers to highlight their problems in lifting of coal from CCL before the management. GM(S&M), CCL talked about the salient features of new schemes of coal marketing launched by the MOC. The session was very interactive and consumers highlighted their problems regarding non-refund of EMD, non-refund of amount in respect of un-lifted coal in time and other problems faced by them in lifting of coal from different collieries of CCL. Representatives of CCL Management took a serious note of problems cited by the coal consumers and it was assured that appropriate action will be taken shortly by the CCL to solve the problems faced by coal consumers.

On 15.11.2007, one seminar /workshop on Integrity Pact was organized by the MM Division of CCL under the guidance of CVO, CCL at MTC/HRD HQ. The above workshop was attended by 65 participants including important suppliers and executives of CCL. This workshop was also attended by the Director(Tech.)Opn., Director (Tech.)P&P and CVO, CCL. CGM(MM), CCL explained about the salient features of the Integrity Pact and MOU signed by the CIL with Transparency International-India. It was also told that Integrity Pact is new concept which is being adopted by the CIL and its subsidiary companies in terms to the directives of CVC to make procurement system more transparent and eliminate corruption in award of procurement and other contractual works. Sri. TK Mishra, MM Division, CIL was the key speaker who delivered the main talk about Integrity Pact and explained the concept of Integrity Pact through a slide presentation. An interactive session was also organized by dividing the participants in to four groups. It was also told to the house that CCL is committed to implement the Integrity Pact Program whole-heartedly both in letter and in spirit.

On 06.03.2008, one consumer meet for introduction of  e-payment and e-refund was organized by the S&M department of CCL under the guidance of CVO, CCL. Following objectives were discussed in details :

Methodology to make payment / refund to the consumers directly to their bank account through RTGS / CBS/ Intra Bank Transfer. 

Actions to be taken for making timely payment to the customers for un-lifted quantity of coal against allotted quantity of coal.

To create more transparency in the processing of refund.

Sort comings of existing system.

Salient features of proposed system for making payment towards refund.

Salient features of new coal distribution policy launched by the MOC on 18.10.2007.

Sale of coal through e-auction.

Fuel Supply Agreement. 

Reduction in Bank clearance / Transaction charges.

It has been told to the house that CCL is committed to introduce e- payment / e-refund to its suppliers and customers in order to increase the pace of payment and transparency in the system. It was also told that consumer-wise statement of refund will be up-loaded on the web-site of CCL.