Supply of 145 Personal Computers (PCs) with accessories 16-11-2022
Supply of 160 Personal Computers (PCs) with accessories 23-05-2022
Supply of 1001 Personal Computers (PCs) with accessories 04-01-2022
Termination of Contract with Electronics Corporation of India Limited 05-06-2021
Work order to M/s Electronics Corporation of India Limited to provide Maintenance support for existing customized ERP type Application Software namely CoalNet at Central Coalfield Limited for three years. 12-05-2020
Work Order for " Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for three (3) Years of 30 KVA UPS (2 nos.) make - M/s INVA Power Systems Pvt. Ltd., located at CCL HQ Computer Centre, Ranchi". 20-12-2019
Supply of 1011 Personal Computers (PCs) with accessories 24-09-2019
Purchase Order for Processer Based Oracle Licenses & Software Support.(HSN Code:9973) 19-02-2019
Amendment towards applicability of GST . 20-12-2018
Work order to M/s BSNL for providing of alternate MPLS-VPN network of higher Bandwidth across CCL Command areas on rental basis for 5 years. 26-02-2018
Supply of Anti Virus Software (Application Software). 14-02-2018
Turnkey Project for Setting up of State of Art CCL HQ Campus LAN of 800 Nodes on outright purchase basis with 1 year warranty and 4 year AMC . 25-05-2017
Procurement of Scanner having resolution 600 DPI, Speed 20ppm/40 ipm or higher . 19-04-2017
Procurement of integrated Attendance Device Type-I with 3G connectivity for Aadhar Based Attendance System. 25-01-2017
Termination of Service Order to M/s Orange Business India Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. 13-01-2017
Work Order for Supply, installation, Integration, Commissioning, Execution, and Maintenance of Servers and peripherals and maintenance of existing essential allied accessories for 5 years comprehensive AMC in HQs and Areas of central Coalfields limited . 27-12-2016
To provide Maintenance support for existing customized ERP named CoalNet Application software at Central Coalfields Limited for three years . 23-12-2016
Supply of MS Office Project Professional 2013. 04-11-2015
Supply Order for Supply of one number CANNON Lide 120 flatbed Scanner. 22-09-2015
Supply of 30 KVA UPS. 27-10-2014
GPS/GPRS based Vehicle Tracking System & RFID based Weighing Control System along with CCTV in CCL. 24-10-2014
Corrigendum to Supply Order No. 11112114 - 103B 09-09-2014
Work Order for System Study. Redesign, Development, Integration, Implementation and Maintenance of CCL Websites and Web based application on CCL Web Server using latest available technologies like PHP, My SQl, Flash, Java Script, Redesign Tools HTMl , XHTMl, Scripting language J Query or any other open source, Content Management System and Maintenance for 3 years. 25-08-2014
Corrigendum to Supply Order No. 11112114 - 103A (502 KB) (pdf) 06-08-2014
Supply order of MS Office 2013 or Latest. 17-07-2014
Formal order for Supply, Installation ,Commissioning & one year ATS of Oracle Software. 25-06-2014
Extension of Rental Contract of 13 Nos. IBM RS-6000 Servers installed at Areas/HQ of CCl. 23-04-2014
Extension of Rental Contract of Campus LAN installed at CCL HQ. 23-04-2014
Formal order Supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of RISC/EPIC Servers along with allied accessories on rental basis for 5 years. 28-03-2014
Supply of NSPAM Software 14-02-2014
Addendum/Corrigendum to Supply Order No.- 15401 11 14- 217 0t.28.10.13. 12-02-2014
Repeat Order for 10 Pcs 03-01-2014
805 Personal Computers (PCs) with accessories (with buy back option for 15 nos. obsolete PCs with accessories, on as is where is basis (to be surveyed off) available at CCL headquarters,Ranchi). 28-10-2013
To extend "Maintenance Support and Customization for Three Years for ERP like solution Coal Net Application Software for Coal India which is presently running at Central Coallfields Limited. 07-09-2013
Work order for 10Mb. (1 : 1) Internet connectivity at CCL HQ and its command Area . 28-06-2013
Supply of Antivirus ( 269 Nos.) for 269 nos. PCs. 22-03-2013
Work order for incorporation of software as well as hardware for upgradation of 91 Nos. of road weighbridges and installed at differcIt locations of CCL. 06-03-2013
Work order for incorporation of software as well as hardware for upgradation of 38 Nos. of rail weighbridges installed at different locations of CCL. 28-02-2013
Conclusion of contract for Turnkey Project for setting up WAN in CCL on RENTAL BASIS for 5 Years. 18-02-2013
Supply of 269 Personal Computers (PCs) with accessories against buy back option for 219 nos. obsolete PCs with accessories, on as is where is basis (to be surveyed off) available at CCL headquarters, Ranchi. 05-11-2012
Work order for: (128 KB) (pdf) 1. Development, installation and commIssIOning of software for ' On-line filing of Property Return by the executives of CCL'. 2. Security of CCL Website with an established reputed Security Service Provider viz VeriSign for two years. 3. Development, installation and commissioning of software for ~ Board Agenda Tracking System. 4 .AMC for one year of the CCL Website with the provision of addition of extra 300 web pages 30-10-2012
Extension of Rental Contract of 11 nos. of OMMS Project installed at 11 Regional Stores / Central Store of CCL for further two years. 29-10-2012
Supply of 677 PCs along with all accessories for CCL. 07-05-2009
Procurement of 409 nos. of Personal Computers along with accessories for CCL. 28-12-2007