The Vigilance Department at CCL is headed by a full time CVO. At present there are 19 executives and 23 non executives in the Vigilance Department . The executives working at Vigilance Department are drawn from different disciplines of CCL. Number of executives of different disciplines, presently working at CCL Vigilance is as following:


Mining - 6 Excavation - 6 Civil - 1
Personnel - 2 Finance - 1 Material Management - 1
E&M - 2    

Functional Setup

A broad division of work has been made for proper functioning of the department. Depending on nature of work allocated following categories of executives can be made:


Name of unit Number of executives Nature of work

Investigation unit

Gathering Source Information & Keeping watch over corrupt practices. To carry out investigation of complaints/ source information and carry out surprise and periodic inspections. If any penalty action is contemplated the concerned IO also prepares a draft imputation of charges for use of D Section. These officers are also required to function as presenting officers in vigilance originated major penalty cases.

Disciplinary section 3

Preparation of charge sheets, analysis of replies received from the charged officer, orders for appointment of IA and PO, monitoring of progress of oral enquiries, analysis of IA's report, preparation of disagreement note, analysis of representation of charged officer, preparation of final orders.

Statistical Cell 1

Registration of all complaints, monitoring of complaints referred to other authorities for investigation and report, preparation of all statistical returns.

Vigilance Clearance Cell 1

Maintenance of up-to-date vigilance status of all executives and non executives of CCL. Issue of vigilance status.

Apart from above, a core group of Investigating Officers has been formed to carryout intensive examination of contracts on the line of CTE inspection of the CVC. In addition to the above, scrutiny of property returns is also carried out by the Vigilance Department by requisitioning the property return files of the identified executives.

A committee of senior vigilance executives, headed by GM (Vigilance) has been constituted. This committee called Empowered Committee has been mandated to examine and make recommendations on the reports received from various field authorities to whom some complaints have been marked for investigation and report.