Vigilance Awareness Weeks 2018

Name of the Organization : Central Coalfields Ltd., a subsidiary of Coal India Ltd

1.      Brief write up on the activities conducted during Vigilance Awareness Week-2018:

In compliance with the directives of Central Vigilance Commission, New Delhi, Vigilance Awareness Week-2018 was observed with much fervor and enthusiasm in all the units, Areas and Headquarters of CCL from 29.10.2018 to 03.11.2018. In fact, this year's awareness campaign, already started by CCL Vigilance with Mass Pledge at various Puja Pandals during Durga Puja (from 15th Oct.18 to 19th Oct.'18), Awareness drive through sports activities (27.10.18) at Sports Academy(JSSPS), Khelgaon Ranchi, Outreach activities at various schools(from 23rd Oct.’18), etc. culminated with various events organized during the Vigilance Awareness Week-2018.

Mass pledge program conducted at Sirka stadium on 31st Oct 2018 with around 10000 people.

  1. (i)        Pledge:

The observance of Vigilance Awareness Week 2018 commenced with taking of Integrity Pledge by all the employees at CCL (HQ), Ranchi as well as in all the Areas and Projects/ units of CCL. At CCL (HQ), the pledge was administered by the CVO, CCL, Director (Finance), CCL, Director (personnel), CCL, and Director (Technical/PP), CCL on 29.10.2018 . The message of the Hon'ble President of India, Hon'ble Vice President of India and Hon'ble CVC regarding observance of Vigilance Awareness Week were also read out by the CVO and Functional Directors of CCL.
In fact, to encourage all the employees and other stakeholders to collectively participate in the prevention of and fight against corruption, the measure of administering, Integrity Pledge was started well before the Vigilance Awareness Week 2018. This activity was not limited to HQ and field units but also organized at various other places like temple, puja pandals, panchayats, schools, college, etc.

  1.                                                       The employees, CVO, CCL and the Functional Directors of CCL taking Integrity Pledge on 29.10.18
    (ii)   e-pledge:

           All out efforts were made to motivate and influence the employees as well as customers, contractors, citizens, etc. to take e-pledge. For the purpose, a hyper link to   for "Integrity- Pledge " was activated on CCL website and 5 no. of "e-pledge booths" were also set up at CCL (HQ) to facilitate the officers,            staff,workers, citizens (vendors, contractors, contractual workers, etc.) for taking e-pledge. Most of the employees have already taken e-pledge during VAW 2017,             however, this year also over Four Thousand people including executives, non-executives, suppliers, contractors, citizens, etc were administered e-pledge.


Citizens taking e-pledge at one of the e-pledge booths set up at CCL (HQ)

  1. (iii) Vigilance Awareness Rath:

On 29.10.18, CVO, CCL and Functional Directors of CCL flagged off the "Vigilance Awareness Rath" from CCL (HQ). The Rath (vehicle) covered all around with display banners with anti-corruption and awareness slogans, pictures, messages, etc. imprinted on it traversed through the residential areas of Ranchi. It was also replicated in 12 Areas of CCL located in 8 Districts (Ranchi, Ramgarh, Hazaribagh, Bokaro, Giridih, Chatra, Latehar, Palamu) spanning over 2600 Sq. KM.

Vigilance Rath being flagged off by CVO, CCL; D(F), CCL; D(P), CCL and D(P&P), CCL, Ranchi

  1. (iv) Nukkad Natak at HQ and Areas:

While celebrating the 2nd day of the Vigilance Awareness Week 2018 on 30.10.2018, a street play was organized by the CCL employees from production units on the theme "(Eradicate Corruption - Build a New India (भ्रष्टाचार मिटाओ - नया भारत बनाओ)" with message that ethical values like integrity, transparency, honesty are prerequisite for building a New India. The same team performed in 09 different Areas of CCL located in 6 Districts (Ranchi, Ramgarh, Hazaribagh, Bokaro, Giridih, Chatra) on different days during the Vigilance Awareness Week-18.

  1.                                                              Nukkad Natak by CCL employees on 30.10.2018 to spread awareness against the ill
                                                                                          effects of corruption at CCL HQ, Ranchi

    Vigilance Awareness March:

After flagging off the Rath, a Vigilance Awareness Rally was organized at CCL (HQ), Ranchi to raise public awareness regarding the existence, cause and threat posed by corruptio. There were around 500 participants in the rally holding placards with thought provoking slogans. The march was flagged off by the CVO, CCL, Shri A.K.Srivastava. The Functional Directors of CCL alongwith CVO, CCL participated in this march. The above campaign is also replicated in all the 12 Areas of CCL. In addition several March, Morning 'Prabhat Pheri', etc. involving students from various schools were also organized in different Areas of CCL.

The CVO, CCL and Functional Directors of CCL, taking part in Vigilance Awareness March on 29.10.18

  1. (vi) Events organized at CCL(HQ), Ranchi  and various Schools/Institutes at Ranchi:

On 29.10.18, in the afternoon, an Essay competition on "Eradicate Corruption - Build a New India (भ्रष्टाचार मिटाओ - नया भारत बनाओ)" and a Quiz competition on vigilance related issues were organized amongst the officials of CCL(HQ). Slogan & Poster making competition were also organized among the employees on 30.10.18. The main purpose of organizing the events was to reinvigorate the spirit in the employees against corruption and solicit their support in the fight against this menace.

Executive and staff of CCL participating in essay and quiz competition on 29.10.18

For creation of awareness on the ill effects of corruption amongst school and college students, efforts were made to reach out to the students of school & colleges and ensure their active participation. The main aim was to promote and ingrain ethical values in the tender mind as they are the future human capital of the country. Debate/ Elocution/Speech, Painting/Poster making, Rangoli, Skit, Essay Writing Competition, Slogan Writing etc were organized in 4 schools and 3 colleges at Ranchi during the Vigilance Awareness Week.
Essay-writing and painting competition was also organized on 03.11.18 amongst the Laal & Laadli of CCL ( wards of 'Project Affected Person' adopted by CCL under CSR initiatives and given free food, accommodation and coaching for their preparation for IIT & other National level Engineering entrance exams).

CCL ke Lal & Laadli in joyful mood at the end of essay and painting competition

  1. (vii)  Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week in the 12 different Areas of CCL and 5 independent units:

Vigilance Awareness Week was also celebrated in the following Areas of CCL:

(i)                 Argada Area

(ii)               Rajhara Area

(iii)             B&K Area

(iv)             Barks-Sayal Area

(v)               Magadh Amrapali Area

(vi)             Hazaribagh Area

(vii)           N.K.Area

(viii)         Dhori Area

(ix)             Kathara Area

(x)               Piparwar Area

(xi)             Rajrappa Area

(xii)           Kuju Area

(xiii)         Central Repair Shop, Barkakana

(xiv)         Central Store, Barkakana

(xv)           Mines Rescue  Station, Ramgarh

(xvi)         Central Hospital, Gandhinagar

(xvii)       Central Hospital, Naisarai

The observance of Vigilance Awareness Week in the different Areas of CCL also commenced with the pledge ceremony on 29th October 2018 at 11.00 AM. The pledge was administered by the Area GM/ the senior-most officer of the Unit/Area. Banners and posters containing thought-provoking slogans were displayed at conspicuous places in all the units/offices/areas. The Vigilance awareness rally was also organized in all the above Areas of CCL.

Students of DAV, Ara, Kuju Area, CCL, taking integrity pledge during VAW 18 

In order to inculcate good values and ethics in the minds of school children, Debate/ Elocution/Speech, Painting/Poster making, Skit, Essay writing competition, etc were organized in 52 schools at Area level. Integrity Clubs were also formed in 8 no. of schools.


  1.  (viii)   Open Air Painting Workshop by Professional Artists:
     To propagate the ill effects of corruption, some innovative means were also adopted. One of them was an open air painting workshop, organized on the theme of      VAW-18 on 02.11.2018 at CCL HQ, Ranchi. The same was concluded on 03.11.2018. In the above workshop 18 no. of professional artists participated and  exhibited their creativity by depicting the New India in different colors.



    (ix)   Workshops/ Seminars at CCL(HQ) and different Areas:

      CCL Vigilance organized following no. of workshops & seminars during Vigilance Awareness Week :

i.        1 Seminar/ Workshops-cum-Vendor Meet at CCL (HQ), Ranchi in association with Material Management Deptt., Contract Monitoring Cell, Civil department and Civil Deptt.,CCL (HQ), Ranchi which were attended by 60 number of suppliers, vendors, contractors, etc. apart from 190 employees.
The vendors, contractors, suppliers were encouraged to highlight the problems being faced by them as well as to put their suggestions so that the process could be further streamlined and overall efficiency of the company be improved.

                                                     Grievance Redressal Camp/ Vendors' Meet organized on 02.11.18 at CCL, HQ
3 Workshops by the executives of CCL Vigilance covering all the Areas of CCL on the following subject:
      (i)  Concept of discipline ,CDA Rules 1978 & CERTIFIED STANDING Order and their implementation.
      (ii) Domestic Enquiry procedures and imposition of penalties and appeals.
      (iii) Filing of Annual Property return through online mode.
      (iv) Common irregularities observed in Civil E&M, Contractual and other matters.

The above workshops ended with very vibrant interactive session and queries raised by the participants/ vendors/ contractors were adequately replied.

iii.    On 05.11.2018, the concluding day of Vigilance Awareness Week 2018, one talk on "Eradicate Corruption - Build a New India (भ्रष्टाचार मिटाओ- नया भारत बनाओ)" was organized at CCL (HQ), Ranchi which was attended by HODs of HQ, Area CGM/GMs, and executives of all areas and HQ. The above occasion was also graced by the CMD, CCL, CVO, CCL, and all the four Functional Directors of CCL. The above talk was attended by around 300 participants of different disciplines from HQs/Areas. The Welcome address was delivered by the Shri A. K. Srivastava, IFS, CVO, CCL. The chief guest of the event Shri Gopal Singh, CMD, CCL.












Shri Gopal Singh, the Chief Guest of the event, felicitated during the valedictory day function organized on 05.11.18

iv.    Apart from above, 4 workshop/ conference/ sensitization programme was conducted by the different Areas themselves under the guidance of CCL Vigilance.
The details are being furnished in the desired format in Table-7.

(x)    Publication of "Jagriti"- a Vigilance Magazine:

On the occasion of Vigilance Awareness Week-2018, CCL Vigilance has published "Jagriti" -An awareness magazine. It was a unique effort to compile Messages, some CVC Circulars, Case Studies, articles by the employees of CCL, Quotes, etc. in this magazine by mobilizing the internal resources of CCL Vigilance. The publication of Jagriti was done with a view to spreading awareness amongst the employees of CCL on commonly observed lapses and discrepancies so as to prevent their recurrence.

The unveiling of the Magazine-"Jagriti" at Vichar Manch, CCL(HQ) on 05.11.18

The magazine Jagriti is uploaded on the web-site of the Company.

(xi)   Vigilance Excellence Award:
In recognition of commendable work achievements in the field of vigilance awareness, Vigilance Innovation, adoption of best institutional practices and anti-corruption measures/ substantial savings to the company, Vigilance Excellence Award was conferred upon 12 officials of CCL on 05.11.18 by the CMD, CCL.
During the same event, top three winners of Essay, Quiz, Poster Making and Slogan Writing competition held during Vigilance Awareness Week were also awarded.


                     Shri Rajeev Singh, GM(CMC) receiving the Vigilance Excellence Award on 05.11.18

  1. (xii)  Mini Marathon & 100 mtr/ 200 mtr/ 400 mtr. Race at KhelGaon, Ranchi:

      Central Coalfields Ltd in partnership with State Govt of Jharkhand has established the Sports Academy(JSSPS) in the year 2016. The total strength of cadets is 400 (boys & girls in the ratio of 50:50). The cadets are provided free boarding, lodging, sports training, schooling etc at Khelgaon, Ranchi and the entire expenses are borne by CCL and Govt. of Jharkhand in the ratio of 50:50.

On 27th October 2018, under the outreach activities, an awareness mini-marathon & 100 mtr/ 200 mtr/ 400 mtr. race were organized at the Sports Academy, Khelgaon in which around 300 cadets of Jharkhand State Sports Promotion Society (JSSPS) participated.




  1.                                                 Cadets at Sports Academy, Khelgaon, Ranchi taking part in sports activities organized on 27.10.2018
    Awareness Gram Sabha :
    26 Awareness Sabhas were organized in 11 Areas and 1 Independent unit of CCL. The sabhas was attended by the Mukhiya, Sarpanch, villagers, students,          etc. During the Awareness Sabhas, Mass-pledge was administered to the villagers and awareness was created on the ill effects of corruption





                                                                                  Awareness Gram Sabha organized by different Areas of CCL

(xiv)   Awareness through Message in CUG mobile & Social Media( Twitter):

CCL Vigilance left no stone unturned in creating awareness during the week and adopted some innovative ways to further sensitize the officials of CCL..

(i)           In this direction, inspirational messages were sent to the CUG Mobile of officials on each day during the Vigilance Awareness Week.


(ii)         In this direction, inspirational messages were sent to the CUG Mobile of officials on each day during the Vigilance Awareness Week.


(iii)       Photographs of Major events alongwith themes were also uploaded on the official Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook account of CCL. Many of the tweets were re-tweeted by the Commission.

(iv)    Inspirational messages were also aired on Akashwani, Doordarshan and local FM Channels during VAW 2018.

(v)     Coverage of the events was also given in the leading newspapers having wide circulation in the state. Some of the newspaper clippings are furnished below: