Vigilance Awareness Weeks 2015

In compliance with the directives of Central Vigilance Commission, New Delhi Vigilance Awareness Week was observed with much fervor and enthusiasm in all the units, Areas and Headquarters of CCL from 26.10.2015 to 31.10.2015.

The observance of Vigilance Awareness Week commenced with taking of pledge by all the employees. In the Head Quarters, the pledge was administered by the CMD, CCL on 26.10.2015 at 11AM. The message of the Hon'ble President of India, Hon'ble Vice President of India, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Hon'ble Home Minister of India and CVC regarding observance of Vigilance Awareness Week were read out by the Director (Technical/Operation), Director (Technical/Project & Planning), Director (Finance), CGM (Operations) and CVO, CCL respectively.

CMD, CCL in his address stated that it is the responsibility of all the employees that they should perform their work with honesty, accountability and complete transparency. He said that that the company grows with contribution of all the employees having positive thought. CVO, CCL in his address urged all the employees to work without fear and adhere to the rules and regulations of the company. CVO, CCL pointed out that Vigilance Awareness Week proves to be quite useful in creating vigilance awareness among the stakeholders and help us to maintain highest ethical and moral standards in our lives to curb the evils of corruption and promote good governance. He also explained about the various programmes/ activities scheduled to be held during the week at Ranchi and different areas/units of CCL.

After the Pledge ceremony, a Vigilance Awareness Rally was organized at CCL (HQ), Ranchi. There were around 300 participants in the rally holding placards with thought provoking slogans. The march was flagged off by the CMD, CCL. The Functional Directors of CCL and CVO, CCL also participated in this march.

The rally marched upto Jawaharnagar Colony, situated at a distance of around 2 KM from CCL (HQ).



On 26.10.2015 in the afternoon, an Essay competition on "Role of moral values and ethics in good governance" and a Quiz competition on vigilance related issues were organized amongst the officials of CCL(HQ). Apart from above, Debate/ Elocution/Speech, Painting/Poster making competition were organized in five schools and two colleges at Ranchi during the Vigilance Awareness Week.

The central theme of this year's Vigilance Awareness Week was "Preventive Vigilance as a tool of Good Governance". On this occasion CVO, CCL released a message for the employees of CCL which was focused on Preventive Vigilance in line with the theme of this year's Vigilance Awareness Week. CVO, CCL emphatically stated that Good Governance is about processes of making good decisions and their effective implementation. Integrity of individuals, transparency and accountability are the pillars of good governance. Key measures of Preventive Vigilance are improving existing system/procedures to eliminate scope of corruption, reviews and inspections, minimizing discretion, increasing efficiency levels and awareness campaign. Promoting ethical values and culture of honesty are other attributes of preventive vigilance which are instrumental in promoting good governance.

CVO, CCL urged all the stakeholders to join the crusade against corruption highlighting the fact that corruption is too important an activity to be left only to CVC and Vigilance Department just like that War is too dangerous to be left to the Generals only.

Vigilance Awareness Week was also celebrated in all the Areas of CCL. The observance of Vigilance Awareness Week in the different Areas of CCL also commenced with the pledge ceremony on 26th October 2015 at 11.00 AM. The pledge was administered by the Area GM/ the senior-most officer of the Unit/Area. Banners and posters containing thought-provoking slogans were displayed at conspicuous places in all the units/offices/areas. The Vigilance awareness rally was also organized in some of the Areas of CCL.

In order to inculcate good values and ethics in the minds of school children, one Essay competition on the topic "Role of Moral values and Ehhics in Good Governance" & a Slogan Competition were also organized in all the schools being funded/ helped by CCL at Area level. Apart from above, talks on anti-corruption/ vigilance related topics were also organized in different areas/ projects of CCL for creating awareness amongst the employees of the company.

CCL Vigilance organized workshops/seminars during Vigilance Awareness Week, detailed as under:

(i) On 28.10.2015 a workshop on "e-tendering through reverse auction mode" for finalization of out-sourcing/ transport contracts was organized at Vichar Manch, CCL(HQ), Ranchi by the Contract Management Cell (CMC) Deptt. of CCL in coordination with Vigilance department. The above occasion was also graced by the D(F), D(T/Opn.), D(T/P&P), D(P) and CVO,CCL. Addressing the officials, Shri Arbind Prasad (ITS), CVO, CCL stated that vigilance awareness should not only be for a week but for every moments during the execution of work. He emphasized on transparency, moral ethics and human values. The key talk in above workshop was delivered by Shri Akash Ahluwalia, Regional Manager (East), m-Junction Services Ltd and Shri K.S.Gaiwal, Sr. Manager (Mining), CMC Deptt., CCL through a power point presentation. The workshop was attended by around 250 officials of CCL.The workshop ended with a vibrant interactive session.

(ii) On 30.10.2015, one talk on "Preventive Vigilance as a tool of Good Governance" was organized at Vichar Manch, Darbhanga House, Ranchi which was attended by HODs of HQ, Area CGM/GMs, executives of all areas and HQ. The above occasion was also graced by the CMD, D(F), D(T/Opn.), D(T/P&P) & CVO,CCL. The above talk was attended by around 220/230 participants of different disciplines from HQs/Areas.

The Welcome address was delivered by the Shri Arbind Prasad (ITS), CVO, CCL. The CVO, CCL explained how Vigilance Deptt. has been creating awareness about Preventive Vigilance amongst the employees working in HQ as well as in different Areas. He said that exercising proper check and control at different levels of working is also Preventive Vigilance. CVO, CCL underlined the importance of technology like WAN, Setting up of integrated systems consisting of CCTV, RFID/GPS based weighing control and vehicle tracking system, e-procurement, etc. He said that rotation of officials working in sensitive posts is also a part of Preventive Vigilance. Highlighting the achievement of CCL, the CVO, CCL stated that the tender of above Rs. 2.0 Lakh in CCL are being finalized through e-Procurement.

Shri D.K.Ghosh, Director (Finance), CCL said CCL is a Public Sector Undertaking and it is our responsibility to perform our duties by adhering to the rules and regulation of the company. Shri P. K. Tiwari, Director (Tech./Opn.), CCL also urged the gathering to listen to the voice of their conscience. Shri Subeer Chandra, Director (Tech./Project & Planning) said that the officials should have complete knowledge of their subjects which results in the speedy execution of the work.

Shri Gopal Singh, CMD, CCL the chief guest of the event addressed the gathering and said that Good Governance is preventive vigilance and is important for each and every employee of the company. He asserted on the fact that Transparency, Fairness, Philanthropy and Ethics are very important for the progress of any company and decision taken by considering these values in concurrence has positive outcome and is favorable for both company and the community. CCL has implemented these values through "Kayakalp model". He also thanked CVO, CCL and his team for organizing various events during the Vigilance Awareness Week.

(iii) Workshops on topic "General Vigilance Awareness among executives working in the fields with case studies related to Common Irregularities in Civil, Purchase and Outsourcing contracts" were organized at CETI, Barkakana and B&K Area on 27.10.2015 and 30.10.15 respectively on the occasion of observance of Vigilance Awareness Week, 2015. CVO, CCL was also present during the workshop at CETI, Barkakana to motivate the participants.

The key note address was delivered by S/Shri Y.P. Singh, CM (Civil), P.R. Kumar, Manager (Excv.), V.S. Singh, Sr. Manager (MM) of Vigilance department, CCL. The workshop at CETI was attended by around 100 executives of Kuju, Argada, Barka-Sayal, Hazaribagh, Rajrappa & CRS. Similarly, the workshop at B&K Area was attended by around 75 executives of 3 Areas of CCL namely Dhori, B&K & Kathara Area. The above workshops ended with very vibrant interactive session and queries raised by the participants were replied by the officials of CCL Vigilance.
(iv) On 31.10.14 one Interactive Session on Departmental Inquiries/ Proceedings was organized at MT Hall, HRD department, Ranchi which was attended by 35/40 executives of personnel discipline. The key talk was delivered by Shri B. N. Mishra, Ex.GM(Vig.), CIL. He explained the various aspects of departmental inquires/ procedures & charge-sheet etc. and queries raised by the participants were replied by Shri Mishra. Shri Arbind Prasad (ITS), CVO, CCL was also present during the valedictory session to interact with the participants.
During the Vigilance Awareness Week, a Vigilance Magazine named as "KayaKalp" was published. It was a unique effort to compile Messages, Articles, various Circulars of CVC as well as internal circulars, Case Studies, thought-provoking Cartoons, Poems, Quotes, etc. in this magazine by mobilizing the internal resources of CCL Vigilance. The above magazine was released on 30.10.15 by the CMD, Functional Directors and CVO, CCL.

In recognition of commendable work / achievements in the field of anti-corruption/ vigilance awareness/ transparency/ substantial savings to the company, Vigilance Excellence Award was conferred upon 10 officials of CCL on 30.10.15 by the CMD, CCL. During the presentation of awards, Functional Directors and CVO, CCL were also present to grace the occasion. During the same event, top three winners of Essay and Quiz competition held on 26.10.15 were also awarded by CMD, CCL.
CCL Vigilance left no stone unturned in creating awareness during the week and adopted some innovative ways to further sensitize the officials of CCL.

(i) In this direction, inspirational messages were sent to the CUG Mobile of officials on each day during the Vigilance Awareness Week.
(ii) A message quoted as under was broadcasted on AIR(Prasar Bharti) and two FM channels (Big FM Ranchi and Radio Dhoom Ranchi) throughout the Vigilance Awareness Week to sensitize the citizens to work without fear and favour :-
"आइए हम सभी बिना पक्षपात एव भय के ईमानदारी और पारदर्शिता से कार्य करें। देश एव समाज के विकास में भागीदार बने, सतर्कता विभाग, सीसीएल द्वारा जनहित में जारी"
(iii) As per the directive of CVC, Officials were requested through CUG messages, letters, etc. to view various programmes like AAJ SAVERA, Good Evening India, etc. shown each day on DDK and DD National during the Vigilance Awareness Week.