Vigilance Awareness Weeks 2014

In pursuance of directive of Central Vigilance Commission, Vigilance Awareness Week was observed with much fervor and enthusiasm in all units, Areas and Headquarters of CCL from 27.10.2014 to 01.11.2014. The observance of Vigilance Awareness Week commenced with taking of pledge by all the employees. In the Head Quarters, the pledge was administered by the CMD, CCL on 27.10.2014 at 11AM. The message of the Hon'ble President of India, Hon'ble Vice President of India, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India and CVC regarding

Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week was read out by the Director (Finance), CGM (Co-ordination/ Operations), CGM (S&R) & CVO, CCL, respectively. CMD, CCL in his address conveyed the message that main objective of observing vigilance awareness week is to bring more transparency in daily activities and other public related works so that people could develop more faith in a public servant. CVO CCL in his address pointed out that observance of vigilance awareness week was started to mark Birthday of Sardar Ballab Patel an Iron Man since 2000 and main objective of this week is to perform official works with dedication, without fear and impartial manner adhering the rules & procedures of the company in a transparent manner.

 He also explained about the various programmes/ activities scheduled to be held during this week at HQ Ranchi and different areas/units of CCL.
The observance of Vigilance Awareness Week in the different Areas of CCL also commenced with the pledge ceremony on 27th October "2014 at 11.00 AM. The pledge was administered by the senior-most officer of the Unit/Area. Banners and posters containing thought-provoking slogans were displayed at conspicuous places in all the units/offices/areas.

The central theme of this year's Vigilance Awareness Week was "Combating Corruption-Technology as an enabler'". On this occasion CVO, CCL released a message for the employees of CCL which was focused on combating corruption in line with the theme of this year's Vigilance Awareness Week.

CVO also conveyed that increased Awareness, Leveraging of Technology, Transparency, Foolproof systems & Procedures and accountability at every level of hierarchy in Public Administration is indeed the most effective tool in the fight against corruption. Positive contributions by the Vigilance in ensuring leveraging of technology such as e-payment, e-procurement, e-tendering, linking of all weighbridges, areas/units and regional stores of all areas through WAN, Setting up of integrated systems consisting of CCTV, RFID/GPS based weighing control and vehicle control system in all areas of CCL etc. in the Company are efforts in this direction for combating corruption and enhancing transparency in the organization.

In order to inculcate good values and ethics in the minds of school children, one Essay competition on the topic "Corruption: The biggest evil in our society" was also organized in all the schools, being funded/ helped by CCL at Area level. A Slogan Competition was also organized in the Areas of CCL. Apart from above, talks on anticorruption/ vigilance related topics were also organized in different areas/ projects of CCL for creating awareness amongst the employees of the company.

On 28.10.2014 in the forenoon session, one talk on "Role of Ethics & values in Combating Corruption" was organized at Vichar Manch, Darbhanga House, Ranchi which was attended by HODs of HQ, Area CGM/GMs, executives of all areas and HQ. The above occasion was also graced by the CMD, D(T)Opn., D(F) & CVO,CCL. The above talk was attended by around 220/230 participants of different disciplines.The Welcome address was delivered by the Shri Arbind Prasad (ITS), CVO, CCL and explained how technology is an enabler for fighting/combating corruption. He also told that increased awareness, leveraging of technology, transparency, foolproof systems & procedures is the most effective tool in combating corruption.

He stressed that efforts should be made by all the concerned departments of CCL to introduce e-tendering for award of civil contracts/works in line with the instructions of CIL. Shri D. K. Ghosh, Director (Finance),CCL explained the role of leveraging of technology, transparency, ethics and values in combating corruption and requested the audience to take deliberations of this session in a positive way. Shri R. K. Chopra, Director (Tech.)Opn., CCL also explained the gathering about ethics & values with the help of certain examples. He has also told that role of ethics & values is very important for good governance and combating corruption in any organization.

CMD, CCL also addressed the gathering and asked the participants to function in a transparent manner and follow the laid down rules/ procedures. He also told that CCL is taking all the measures to minimize corruption through leveraging of technology and IT initiatives like integration of all regional stores, areas, units & weighbridges through WAN and setting up of integrated CCTV, RFID/GPS based weighing control and vehicle control system. He also talked about "Kayakalp model", which is based on ethics, complete transparency and philanthropic approach.

Shri Shashi Raj Shauq, HOD, (HRM), XISS, Ranchi who was the chief guest of the programme deliberated on the topic i.e "Role of Ethics & values in Combating Corruption". He explained differences between the ethics and moral values and how both are related with each individual working in the company. He also explained that ethics and values of an individual play a vital role in achieving goals of life and good governance. He also explained how Ethics & Values can help in combating corruption in any organization. On 28.10.2014 in the afternoon session, two workshops on e-tendering with reverse auction for finalization of out sourcing/transport contracts at Vichar Manch, HQ and e-tendering for award of civil works/ contracts at MT Hall, HRD department, Ranchi were also organized by the CMC and Civil departments of CCL.

Each workshop was attended by the concerned 35/40 executives of CCL and key talk in above workshops was delivered by the Project Implementation Head, m junction and Shri K.Kumar, NIC (National Informatics Centre) through a power point presentation. Both the above workshops were ended with a vibrant interactive session.

Two workshops on topic "Common Irregularities in Civil & Purchase contracts" were organized at Kuju and Dhori Areas of CCL on the occasion of observance of Vigilance Awareness Week on 30.10.2014 & 31.10.2014 respectively. The key note address was delivered by S/Shri Y. P. Singh, CM (Civil), P. R. Kumar, Sr.Manager (Excv.), VS Singh, Sr.Manager (MM) of Vigilance department, CCL. The above workshops were attended by around 50/60 executives of Kuju, Argada, Barka-Sayal Areas & CRS and 90/95 executives of Dhori, B&K & Kathara Areas. The above workshops ended with very vibrant interactive session and queries raised by the participants were replied by the officials of CCL Vigilance.

On 31.10.14 one interactive session on Departmental Inquiries/ Proceedings was organized at MT Hall, HRD department, Ranchi which was attended by 35/40 executives of personnel discipline. The key talk was delivered by Shri BN Mishra, Ex.GM(Vig.), CIL. He explained the various aspects of departmental inquires/ procedures & chargesheet etc. and queries raised by the participants were replied by Shri Mishra.