Vigilance Awareness Weeks 2012

In pursuance of directive of Central Vigilance Commission, the Vigilance Awareness Week was observed with much fervor and enthusiasm in all units, Areas and Headquarters of CCL from 29th October'2012 to 3rd November' 2012. The observance of Vigilance Awareness Week started with taking of pledge by all the employees. The pledge was administered by the CMD, CCL and was attended by the CVO, D(T)Oprn. and D(P), CCL. CMD, D(T)Opn., D(P) and CVO,CCL read out the messages of the Hon'ble President of India, Hon'ble Vice President of India, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India and Central Vigilance Commission regarding observance of Vigilance Awareness Week. CVO CCL explained about the importance of observance of Vigilance Awareness Week and synopsis of programmes scheduled to be held during this week at HQ Ranchi and different areas/units of CCL.

The observance of Vigilance Awareness Week in the different Areas of CCL also commenced with the PLEDGE taken by the employees on 29th October 2012 at 11.00 AM. The PLEDGE was administered by the highest functionary present i.e. Chief General Manager/ General Manager. Banners and posters containing thought-provoking slogans were displayed at conspicuous places in all the units/offices.

This year the theme of Vigilance Awareness Week was "TRANSPARENCY IN PUBLIC PROCUREMENT". The Commission has advised to strengthen integrity and to create awareness, transparency, accountability & probity in public procurement.
On this occasion CVO, CCL released a message for the employees of CCL in which special thrust was given on "Transparency in Public Procurement". It was emphasized that a good and effective Public Procurement Policy is an engine of development decision making and good governance and that such a policy will be meaningful and sustainable and shall stand the scrutiny of public faith only if it is based on the dictum of total and uncompromising transparency which is not only inherent but apparent.

Vigilance Department ran a special campaign during this week to create awareness among the employees as well as public. To inculcate the importance of good values and ethics in the minds of school children, one Essay competition on the topic "Honest hearts produce honest actions" was also organized in all the schools, being funded/ helped by CCL at Area level. A Slogan Competition was also organized in the Areas of CCL. Apart from above, talks on anticorruption/ vigilance related topics were also organized in different areas/ projects of CCL for creating awareness amongst the employees of the company.

CCL Vigilance organized three workshops/seminars during Vigilance Awareness Week and highlights of above workshops/seminars are noted below:

Two workshops on topic "Common Irregularities in Civil & Purchase contracts" were organized at Piparwar and B&K Areas of CCL on the occasion of observance of Vigilance Awareness Week. In one workshop held at Piparwar Area on 30.11.12 around 80/90 executives of various disciplines like Civil, MM, E&M, Excavation, Mining etc. of Piparwar and NK Areas along with GMs of above areas had actively participated. In another workshop held at B&K Area on 31.11.12 around 110/120 executives of various disciplines like Civil, MM, E&M, Excavation, Mining etc. of B&K, Kathara and Dhori Areas had actively participated. The above workshop was also attended by the GMs of above areas, The key talk was delivered by Sri YP Singh, Chief Manager (C)/Vig., Sri VS Singh, Sr. Manager (MM)/Vig. & Sri P.R Kumar, Manager (Excv.)/Vig in above workshops. This was followed by an interactive session of around 2 hours held in both the Areas wherein queries, raised by the participants on common irregularity in tendering and execution of civil contracts were replied by the above officials of CCL Vigilance.

On 31st October' 2012 a seminar on "Award of Transportation & Outsourcing Contracts through e-tendering & Reverse Bidding was organized at Vichar Manch, Darbhanga House, CCL, Ranchi which was attended by HODs of HQ, SO (Min.) of different areas, officials dealing with transportation, outsourcing & civil contracts and 40 prominent vendors. Total number of participants were around 140-150. The key talk was delivered by Sri Anand, Sr.Mgr(M),CMC & Shri Raj Sodhi, representative of M/s C1-India (Service Provider). The above seminar was also graced by CMD, CVO, Director (Tech) Oprn., and Director (P),CCL. The salient features of existing system of e-tendering & reverse bidding in CCL were explained by the CMC department of CCL. The main features of website of M/s C1 India Pvt.Ltd. (Service Provider) and methodology of uploading of bid/tender which is used for e tendering by CCL for award of different transportation & out sourcing contracts through reverse bidding was deliberated at length by the representative of the service provider. In an interactive session many questions were raised by the vendors which were replied by the D(T)Opn,CCL, GM(CMC) & the representative of service provider. Suggestions were also invited from the vendors to make prevailing aforementioned system of e-tendering & reverse bidding more healthy and transparent.

On 5th November' 2012 one workshop on topic "Transparency in Public Procurement" was organized by the CCL Vigilance at IICM, Ranchi in order to enhance the knowledge and functioning capabilities of executives of CCL. The above seminar was attended by around 250/260 executives of different disciplines, posted in HQ and different Areas/units of CCL and senior officials of other subsidiaries of CIL. Shri R Sri Kumar, Vigilance Commissioner, CVC, New Delhi who was the Chief Guest of the programme advocated introducing information technology in the tendering process so as to make it more transparent and fair. He deliberated on reverse bidding. He informed the audience regarding the concept of value for money required to be ruled in the public and private procurement. He also deliberated on the concept of probity in public procurement. He informed the gathering about the project VIGEYE of CVC as an effective tool of the whistle blowers.

Shri Anil Singhal, Chief Technical Examiner (CVC) informed the participants about the common irregularities in public procurement, preparation of speaking NIT & tender document, award of contract on nomination basis, appointment of consultant, mobilization advance and implementation of leveraging of technology drawing examples from case studies.

Shri KP Varma, President, Public Procurement Group, New Delhi talked about various aspects of public procurement including its relevance in the present scenario. Public procurement influences economic growth of the country & quality of life of citizen. It is an important tool to meet social and economic objectives.

Shri Manoj Kumar, CVO (CIL) stressed that public procurement should be given wider publicity and all the tenders should be uploaded on the website of the company as well as on the government tender portal. He also informed the audience that leveraging of technology is an effective tool to fight out corruption in procurement of material & services.

The above seminar was also graced by FDs of CCL, CMPDIL and CVOs of other subsidiary companies and other PSUs in and around Ranchi. It was followed by a very vibrant interactive session which cleared many doubts of the gathering. At the end of the interactive session, Smt. Vismita Tej (IRS), Chief Vigilance Officer, Central Coalfields Limited, Ranchi proposed the formal vote of thanks.