Vigilance Awareness Weeks 2009

Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week in CCL -- A Report

In line with the Central Vigilance Commission's directive, the Vigilance Awareness Week was observed with much fervour and enthusiasm in all units, Areas and Headquarters from 03 11.2009 to 7.11.2009. The week started with taking of pledge by all the employees. The pledge ceremony at HQ was also attended by the CMD, CVO, D(P), and D(T)Oprn., CCL. CMD, CCL and CVO CCL explained about the importance of observance of Vigilance Awareness Week and details of programmes scheduled to be held in this week to the employees of HQ. The observation of Vigilance Awareness Week in the Areas commenced with the PLEDGE taken by the employees on 3rd November 2009 at 11.00 AM. The PLEDGE was administered by the highest functionary present i.e Chief General Manager/ General Manager.

Banners and posters containing thought-provoking slogans were displayed in all the units/ offices.

Vigilance Department ran a special campaign during the week to create awareness among the employees as well as public. To inculcate the importance of good values and ethics in the minds of school children, one Essay competition on the topic "Good Family Values Lead to Good Ethical Values" was also organized in all the schools being funded/ helped by CCL in the Area level. A Slogan Competition was also organized in the Areas of CCL.

On the occasion, CVO, CCL released a message, in which special focus was given on preventive vigilance and importance of integrity and transparency in public service and public governance.

CCL Vigilance organized a number of workshops and seminars during Vigilance Awareness Week. . The highlights of above said workshops and seminars are noted below:

On 4.11.2009, two workshops were organized at MRS, Naisarai, Ramgarh in which executives of Personnel Discipline of Area level as well as Project level of almost all the areas of CCL had actively participated. The first workshop laid emphasis on "Common Irregularities concerning DPC, Promotion and Regularization" in which Shri RR Sharma, Dy. PM (Vig.) briefed the gathering about common irregularities pertaining to DPC, Promotion, regularization etc. The second workshop was focused on "how to conduct Departmental Inquiries" in which Shri RK Pandey, Dy. PM(Vig.) briefed the house on issues concerning proper conduction of departmental enquiry. In both the workshops, healthy discussion took place between the participants. Shri RG Singh, ex- CGM (P), CIL, who was present in the workshop as expert, had clarified on various doubts/ queries raised by the participants. The main aim of organizing this workshop was to educate the Personnel Executives of CCL about the common irregularities committed by the DPC members which are often overlooked resulting into RDA cases.

On 5.11.2009 also, two workshops were organized at same venue in which executives of Civil and MM Discipline of CCL had actively participated. First workshop was based on Common Irregularities concerning Tendering by Civil as well as Purchase Deptt" wherein Shri SK Singh, SE(C)/Vig. addressed the gathering about common irregularities pertaining to tendering and execution in Civil works in detail. During the interactive session the queries raised by the participants on common irregularities in tendering were replied by Sri PK Tyagi, GM(Civil), CCL, Ranchi, who was invited as expert for the said workshop. The second workshop focused on common Irregularities in procurement of stores in which. Shri VS Singh, MM (Vig.) briefed the participants from MM Department and others about common irregularities, which occurs in procurement of stores at various levels. During the interactive session the queries raised by the participants were replied by Shri RD Mahto, Ex-CGM (MM), ECL, who was expert for the said workshop.

One seminar on "Use of Information Technology to fight corruption" was organized on 6.11.2009 at Vichar Manch Darbhanga House, Ranchi, wherein large number of executives & non executives including CMD, CCL, CVO, CCL, Director(Tech) Oprn., CCL and Director (Personnel) CCL took participation. The aforesaid seminar was opened up with address by all the functional Directors of CCL. Sri Rakesh Agrawal, DIG, CBI, New Delhi delivered the key note address. Sri Agrawal spoke about importance and usage of Information Technology to fight corruption. He said that use of IT with well designed e-driven systems would go a long way in ensuring greater transparency and accountability in public service and public governance and would also discourage the arbitrariness in exercise of discretion. The aim of an IT driven system would be to minimize the human involvement in Public dealing/transaction. He however cautioned against wrong application of Information Technology without properly designed e-system and third party audit of the same. During the interactive session, the queries and doubts raised by officials of CCL regarding Information Technology were suitably clarified by Sri Rakesh Agarwal, DIG, CBI, New Delhi. 

On 6.11.2009, another Lecture on ''Value and Ethics" by Prof. S. Ghosh, ED, IICM was organized at Vichar Manch, Darbhanga House, Ranchi wherein executive and non executives of CCL including Director (P), CCL and CVO, CCL were present. Sri Ghosh emphasized on importance of "Values and Ethics" in decision making. He said that one should develop his mindset to guard against temptation and should yearn to adhere to high values and ethics.

On 6.11.2009, yet another lecture was organized on "Preventive Vigilance' wherein executives and non-executives of CCL including Director (P) CCL and CVO, CCL took active participation. Sri PSS Reddy, Director, Vigilance, MOC spoke on preventive vigilance and stressed up on the point that one should abide by the prevailing procedures and norms. He advocated the need of a mixture of both preventive and punitive Vigilance to check the corruption and malpractices. He however laid more emphasis on preventive vigilance.

On 7th November' 2009 another lecture was organized on "Integrity Pact". Sri KK Ojha , Retd. Chief General Manager (MM) spoke on the topic. He explained about the MOU singed between CCL and Transparency International India regarding integrity pact. He touched upon the various provisions contained in the Integrity Pact of CCL. Some difficulties with regard to its implementation were expressed by the participants to whom Shri Ojha informed that the laid down norms of IP are subject to review and modifications, wherever difficulties are expressed in its implementation. During the interactive session, the queries and doubts raised by officials of CCL regarding Integrity Pact were clarified by the learned speaker.

In the final session a valedictory speech summing up all the above progammes was given by the CVO, CCL. In her speech, CVO, CCL focused on the importance of preventive Vigilance in curbing corruption. She made a request to all the participants to be transparent while making recommendation on any proposal or while dealing with any file. In this occasion she also invited suggestions from the employees/officers of CCL, towards making the system more transparent which would help in curbing corruption. CVO, CCL also stressed on the importance of leveraging technology to fight corruption and informed the house that efforts will be made to implement e-payment in all Areas of CCL and also e-tendering in order to make the system more transparent.