CCL has accorded the high priority to ecology development and pollution control. The Company has made major breakthrough by planned afforestation programmes and reclamation of degraded land to improve the environment. Continuous monitoring in respect of ambient air quality, water and noise is carried out at units and clean water / treated effluents are discharged which not only meet the statutory requirements but are in continuous improvement trend.

CCL is well aware of the effects of open cast mining to the environment. It therefore gives a lot of importance to pollution control, reclaiming land and maintaining ecological balance. The pollution level of air, water and noise is being continuously monitored through several air monitoring stations through CMPDI, Ranchi.

The major activities for environmental up gradations in CCL are:

Management of Land Resources


Large scale tree plantation in and around the mining areas

The success in land reclamation of mines spoils and afforestation has been very significant and overwhelming in places like Ashoka, Piparwar etc. The mined out areas or the de-coaled area is refilled with overburden at places where no mining is required in future. The OB fills and dumps are not very conducive to growth of plants, since these sites do not contain adequate plant nutrients. The dumped soil is improved in stages through modern techniques to bring back its fertility and the horticultural operations are carried out by adding nutrients, like organic, inorganic and bio­fertilizers.

The total plantation done in CCL since 1992 is more than 75 lakhs, covering about 4740 Ha in  all the mining areas of CCL. During last 10 years the plantation done is more than 37 lakhs which itself is a positive indication of improvement in bio-diversity and environment. It has also helped in Sequestration of carbon in terrestrial eco system.

Plantation in CCL during last 10 years
Year Plantation (No of Trees planted in lakhs)
2004 6.03
2005 4.76
2006 5.16
2007 6.09
2008 5.45
2009 0.375
2010 1.000
2011 4.058
2012 3.028
2013 1.573
Total 37.555



Plantation on Backfilled area of Piparwar OCP of CCL

Migratory bird finding shelter at Piparwar OCP

Reclamation of Mined out Areas.

Bio-reclamation of degraded mined areas of more than 4680 Ha (since 1992) of different types of land like OB dumps, subsided areas, mined out areas, colonies, avenues etc.

Remote Sensing Survey for analysis for land use improvement in large mines.

The large producing mines are being monitored for land reclamation by Remote Sensing techniques through CMPDI on annual basis. The mines being monitored are Ashok OCP, Piparwar OCP, KDH OCP, Parej east OCP, Rajrappa OCP, Rohini OCP, Purnadih OCP, Tapin OCP, Jharkhand OCP, Topa OCP, Urimari OCP, North Urimari OCP, New Giddi-C OCP, Govindpur PH-II OCP, Khasmahal OCP,  Amlo OCP, Selected Dhori OCP, Tarmi OC. The remote sensing study have been started for North Karnpura and South Karnpura Coalfields.





Management of Air Quality


All the mines / washeries of CCL are being monitored on regular basis by CMPDI. Every quarter there are about 200 Ambient Air Quality sampling, 220 water quality sampling and 140 noise survey being done by CMPDI. In case of any, adverse parameters reported immediate action is taken by the areas / projects for amelioration. The different mitigative measures adopted are

Dust Control in Opencast Mines

Provision for water sprinkling by 28 KL tankers In all its Open cast mines haul roads and others

The total no of mobile water sprinklers in CCL are 44 of capacity 28KL each and two 60 KL each. Besides these there are 4 converted water sprinklers of 28 KL. In addition to these the projects are enhancing the water sprinkling through engagement of contractual water tankers. 17 nos. of new water sprinklers are being commissioned. 5 more no. of water sprinkler are likely to be added in 2014-15.

Avenue & Multi species plantation in and around industrial infrastructure, roads , colony and reclaimed area.
Provision of domestic LPG cylinder to employees.
Use of personnel protective devices like dust mask, ear plug etc.
Provision of dust extractors and wet drilling in all mines / units.

CCL is having a total of 106 drill machines wherein the NVE dust extractors are fitted in all the machines and are working. In order to improve the environment further CCL has made provision of wet drilling in most of  the drill machines.  New drills are being procured with wet drilling arrangement.

Suitable type of nozzle, water spray systems have been installed in CHPs, Feeder breakers, Coal transfer points, crushers etc. of mines and Washeries.
Controlled blasting / planning of colonies / habitation away from the mines as far as possible. CCL is using NONEL type detonators for controlled blasting and minimum impact of dust and vibration.

Modern technologies adopted like Surface Miners which are generating lesser air borne pollution for carrying out mining activities as compared to conventional methods. Surface miners have eliminated the need of drilling, blasting and crushing of coal. Surface miners are in use at Ashoka OCP and Piparwar OCP.

Eco-friendly Mining by Surface Miner at Ashok OCP

Management of Water Quality

 Provision of closed water recirculation arrangement in all washeries.

The closed water recirculation system has stopped the effluent discharge from the washeries. Besides this arrangements of water sprinkling in coal transfer points, good housekeeping and plantation etc is being done in the washeries for overall improvement.

 Pollution control through effluent treatment plants / domestic treatment plants / oil grease traps etc.

There are 18 mines having ETPs (Oil & Grease Traps) and 3 mines are having Sewage Treatment Plants.

STP at KDH OCP of CCL – A view

 Rain Water Harvesting at 7 units

There are Seven units equipped with Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) facilities.

Rain Water Harvesting at Piparwar OCP of CCL


Rain Water Harvesting at Piparwar OCP of CCL

Water Treatment Plants in areas for providing clean drinking water.

CCL is having a total of 12 water treatment plants spread over the mining area. There are 77 pressure filters plants and 75 deep bore holes for clean supply of domest

Development of Water bodies / lagoons in mining areas for sedimentation of fines as well for improvement of aquatic life.

Lagoon at Piparwar OCP of CCL

Statutory Clearances

CCL has obtained Environmental Clearance for 43 units as per details given below :

Name of Projects Nominal   Peak Clearnce no. Date
Argada Area      
New Gidi C OCP 0.600 0.600 J-11015/34/2007-IA.II(M) 08.11.2007
Barka-Sayal Area      
Saunda D OCP & UGP 0.800 0.800 J-11015/17/92-IA.II(M) 23.12.1993
North Urimari OCP 3.000 3.000 J-11015/307/2005-IA.II(M) 08.02.2006
Urimari Expn. 2.000 2.500 J-11015/369/2007-IA.IIM 16.2.2011
B&K Area      
Konar OCP 3.500 3.500 J-11015/337/2005-IA.II(M) 02.02.2006
Khasmahal OCP 0.600 1.500 J-11015/217/2007-IA.IIM 02.08.2010
Dhori Area      
Selected Dhori OCP 2.250 2.250 J-11015/4/89-IA.II 24.01.1992
Tarmi OCP 1.000 1.000 J-11015/219/2007-IA.IIM 20.04.2010
Amlo OCP 2.500 3.000 J-11015/35/2007-IA.IIM 30.09.2010
Dhori OCP 0.600 0.690 J-11015/508/2008-IA.IIM 03.05.2012
New Selected Dhori UGP 0.080 0.092 J-11015/508/2008-IA.IIM 03.05.2012
Dhori Khas UGP 0.166 0.190 J-11015/508/2008-IA.IIM 03.05.2012
Kathara Area      
Kathara CPP 2 x 10 MW CCL     25/1/85-ENV.2 12.12.1985
Govindpur Ph-II 1.200 1.500 J-11015/490/2007-IA.IIM 18.01.2011
Jarangdih UG 0.280 0.280 J-11015/502/2008-IA.IIM 01.03.2012
Jarangdih OCP 0.880 0.880 J-11015/502/2008-IA.IIM 01.03.2012
Kathara 0.960 1.900 J-11015/482/2008-IA.IIM 08.01.2014
Hazaribagh Area      
Parej East OCP 1.750 1.750 J-11015/36/89-IA-II(M) 23.11.1992
Kedla washery project 2.600 2.600 J-11015/33/89-IA-II(M) 17.05.1993
Jharkhand OCP 1.000 1.000 J-11015/12/89-IA.II(M) 30.01.1995
Tapin OCP 2.500 2.800 J-11015/126/2007-IA.IIM 05.10.2009
Kuju Area      
Topa RO 1.200 1.200 J-11015/632/2007-IA.II(M) 31.07.2008
Kuju UG 0.172 0.172 J-11015/219/2007-IA.IIM 22.01.2010
Karma 1.000 1.000 J-11015/225/2007-IA.IIM 22.10.2010
Ara OCP 0.760 0.870 J-11015/536/2008-IA.IIM 25.02.2013
Sarubera /Chainpur OCP 0.500 0.580 J-11015/536/2008-IA.IIM 25.02.2013
Sarubera UG 0.180 0.210 J-11015/536/2008-IA.IIM 25.02.2013
Magadh Amrapali Area      
Amarapali OCP 12.000 12.000 J-11015/109/2003-IA.II(M) 01.03.2006
Magadh OCP Expansion 20.000 20.000 J-11015/865/2007-IA.II(M) 27.10.2008
NK Area      
KD Heslong OCP 4.500 4.500 J-11015/35/84-IA-II(M) 27.10.1993
Purnadih OCP 3.000 3.450 J-11015/36/2007-IA.II(M) 19.05.2009
Rohini OCP 2.000 2.300 J-11015/227/2007-IA.II(M) 05.10.2009
Churi benti UG 0.810 0.810 J-11015/1005/2007-IA.IIM 25.02.2012
Dakra OCP 0.550 0.630 J-11015/49/2009-IA.IIM 03.05.2012
Piparwar Area      
Piparwar OCP(washery/CPP) 6.500 6.500 J-11015/12/85-IA.II(M) 29.10.1993
Piparwar Expansion OCP  10.000 11.500  J-11015/186/2007-IA.II(M) 11.06.2007
Piparwar Peak 10.000 11.500 J-11015/240/2011-IA.IIM 25.02.2012
Ashok OCP Expansion(6.5 MTPA to 10 MTPA) 10.000 10.000 J-11015/610/2007-IA.II(M) 17.4.2008
Integrated Ashok Washery cum FBC 10.000 10.000 J-11015/121/2007-IA.IIM 03.05.2012
Ray Bachra 0.300 0.300 J-11015/490/2007-IA.IIM 15.02.2013
Rajhara Area      
Tetariakhar OCP 2.000 2.500 J-11015/318/2009-IA.IIM 07.05.2013
Rajrappa Area      
Rajrappa washery Project 3.000 3.000 J-11015/4/85-IA 30.01.1987
Rajrappa OCP 3.000 3.000 J-11015/10/88-IA.II(M) 23.10.1992



Generation of Energy from Coal Beneficiation wastes

3 nos. of power plants using FBC technology are operating in CCL. These units are utilizing washery rejects having more than 50% ash content, which would have been otherwise a source of degradation of land and pollution of surface water stream. The units are :

       Kathara 2 x 10 MW

      ► Rajrappa 1 x 10 MW

       Gidi 1 x 10 MW

Similar units are proposed at Integrated Ashok Washery cum FBC (2 x 30 MW), Dhori Washery & Pundi washery.


 Voluntary Initiatives

ISO 14001 Certification : 14 Mines, a washery and a Central Hospital have been certified as per ISO 14001 – 2004 : Environmental Management System. These units are :  

Piparwar OCP Birsa OCP /North Urimari OCP
Ashok OCP Urimari OCP
Rohini OCP Amlo OCP
Khasmahal OCP Kalyani OCP
Parej East OCP  Rajrappa OCP
Jharkhand OCP CHP/CPP Piparwar
Tapin OCP CH Naisarai Hospital

Filling of abandoned mine voids by fly ash and reclamation thereafter

CCL has undertaken filling of some of its abandoned mine voids by fly ash from BTPS, CTPS, BPSCL, DLF etc..The filled up voids are subsequently afforested with native & multi species plants.

Fly Ash filling at Bokaro OCP of CCL

Development of Eco-Parks : An Eco park is being developed at Piparwar OCP to spread awareness about local flora and importance of harmonious living with mother nature. Such parks will be developed gradually in other areas also

Spreading Environmental awareness. The message of conservation of environment and resources are spread within and out side company by following programmes :

Celebration of World Environment Day by all areas of CCL where in painting slogan, essay competition etc. of school children is organized.
Celebration of Environment Conservation week in all areas of CCL.
Training and seminars on Environment and Sustainable development.

Eco-restoration at Sangam OCP of Barka Sayal Area: an experimental project to scientifically reclaim old mined out areas using grass, Bamboo and other species has been under taken in association with Dr C R Babu, member EAV, MoEF.