3-tier workshop infrastructure is in place for the OC Coal Mining Projects as

► Project/Unit workshop at every project for Daily, Periodic, Scheduled Maintenance requirements, Running Breakdown Maintenance and replacement of spares and sub-assemblies.

► 3 Regional Repair Shops at Jarangdih, Tapin North and Dakra for a group of Mines which cater for overhauling of sub assemblies of HEMM, System repairs of equipment and other major repairs beyond the scope of project/unit workshops

► A Central Workshop located at Barkakana with full infrastructural facilities to refurbish equipments of various mines under planned capital repair, repair and maintenance of major float assemblies like Engines, Transmissions, DC / AC Motors and Generators of Shovels and  Drills, Manufacturing of Shaft, Bushes, Gear Cutting, Fabrication of Steel Structures, Castings and Tyre Re-treading etc.

In our endeavor to upgrade quality of maintenance and repairs, we have acquired ISO 9000 certification for Central Workshop and 3 Regional Repair Shops and are in the process of acquiring the same for 8 selected unit workshops of major OC Projects.