DVC is main source of power supply for CCL
There are 10 nos. 33kv/11Kv, 6.6 Kv Sub-stations in CCL (40MVA, 25 MVA, 20 MVA and 10 MVA capacities).
Total connected demand is 119 MVA from DVC and CCL is also taking power from JSEB where demand is 7.2MVA.
Rajrappa, Piparwar, N.K., Kathara, Kargali, Dhori, Hazaribagh and Kuju (through JSEB) are getting power from DVC.
Average energy consumption is 596 million KWH.
Power cost under control through energy conservation measures (Capacitors, Rationalisation of distribution systems etc.)
Adequate power supply availability is ensured for uninterrupted production.

          JSEB & DVC Power Supply there three Captive power Plants are installed as: 

1x10 MW  Rajrappa Project CCL
1x10 MW  Argada Area CCL
2x10 MW  Kathara Area CCL