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Tender Description Area Unit Uploaded on
Thorough repairing and renovation of external drain and water supply. CORPORATE Corporate HQ 11-12-2017
Renovation and Modernization of 145 Nos Quarters of colony. CORPORATE Corporate HQ 11-12-2017
Repair of fallen/damaged boundary wall at RWS Bhurkunda Project. BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 11-12-2017
Yatri shed near B-type entrance chowk under Urimari Project. BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 11-12-2017
Hiring Of one no. Ambulance (Diesel/Petrol) CRS/CS BARKAKANA CRS/CS BARKAKANA 11-12-2017
Up Keeping of project office and other office premises atKarma Project under Kuju Area. KUJU Karma OC 11-12-2017
Laying,fixing,erection of 150mm and 100mm dia pipeline from quarry to filter plant to provide water. KUJU GM Unit 11-12-2017
Supply and erection of 9.1mtr pcc pole, 85w CFL light fitting or equivalent lumen LED light fittings KUJU GM Unit 11-12-2017
Brush Holder for Generator and Air Valve 15 MM dia. KATHARA Kathara OC 11-12-2017
Construction of Coal Transportation Road from Check Post near excavation workshop to Coal Trunk Road ARGADA GM Unit 11-12-2017
Glasses fitting in operator cabin &cabin hall. KATHARA Kathara OC 11-12-2017
Making One Nos. Pump Foundation at Mines under KDH Project. NORTH KARANPURA K.D.H OC 11-12-2017
R/M of cleaning & septic tank, inspection chamber at 2B & 2C type qrts. at Hill top & Gandhi Nagar. BOKARO & KARGALI Bokaro OC 11-12-2017
Complete repairing rectification and overhauling of tail end assembly of chain conveyor of BWF make DHORI SDQ-3 (Tarmi) OC 11-12-2017
R/M and colour washing of CPO building at Kargali colliery of B&K Area. BOKARO & KARGALI Kargali OC 11-12-2017
Provision of morcha in the preminises of cisf near workshop, NORTH KARANPURA Rohini OC 11-12-2017
Black Diamond make feeder breaker secondary crusher drum roll drive end and non drive DHORI SDQ-1(Kalyani) OC 11-12-2017
Running repairing and maintenance works of M&P make 2000GPM WILO, Pluro II,03CHR 10/12 multistage DHORI SDQ-1(Kalyani) OC 11-12-2017
Gardening work inside Bokaro Hospital & Rest house campus for a period of 228 days. BOKARO & KARGALI Bokaro OC 11-12-2017
Mechanical repairing of 76HP ,440V,1480RPM, Kirolsker make induction motor installed with 500GPM DHORI SDQ-3 (Tarmi) OC 11-12-2017
Mechanical repairing of 100HP motor for secondary crusher drum roll of Black Diamond make feeder DHORI SDQ-1(Kalyani) OC 11-12-2017
Comprehensive annual maintenance contract for maintenance of 14 nos. of Diesel generator set. MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 11-12-2017
Repairing & overhauling of Reyroll Burn make 11KV,400A,OCB for primary controlling of 01 MVA,11KV/44 DHORI SDQ-3 (Tarmi) OC 11-12-2017
Repair of conveyor chain of I.R of I.R, make feeder breaker (machine no.01) at Tarmi Siding for SDOC DHORI SDQ-3 (Tarmi) OC 11-12-2017
Pesticides spray ( Anti Mosquito/ Dengue) at P.O office, BOKARO & KARGALI Karo OC 11-12-2017
Repairing of 3 Nos. Hand Pumps at Old KD Colony under KDH Project. NORTH KARANPURA K.D.H OC 11-12-2017
31 Nos fire Extinguisher refilling repairing & maintenance of different type and capacity in r/o Dho DHORI GM Unit 11-12-2017
Painting & writing on walls boards U/G boards & wall and SSR at 7,8,&4,5,6 incline and Dhori (K) off DHORI GM Unit 11-12-2017
Providing PCC drain (56.00M) back side of LCH qtr. Occupied. DHORI GM Unit 11-12-2017
Repairing of damaged boundary wall & fencing wall of scrap yard at Regional store(Dhori) under CCD, DHORI GM Unit 11-12-2017
Following Testing Work is to be done in different HEMM of AAD OCP, Dhori Area. DHORI GM Unit 11-12-2017
Procurement of spares parts for different Weighbridges MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 11-12-2017
Repair of roof of M/143 to M/154, 10 nos. M.Qtr. behind Dhori (K) Project office under Dhori (K). DHORI Dhori Khas UG 11-12-2017
Cleaning and maintaining of coal Transportation Road (from 4 No square up to Sarubera Project Office KUJU Kuju UG 08-12-2017
Rehandling of spilled coal/slurry from the 121 A&B belt conv. area 122 belt conv. area. HAZARIBAGH KEDLA WASHERY 08-12-2017
Providing daily sweepers for cleaning of Project Office , 3C Incline and other office premises KUJU Sarubera OC 08-12-2017
Fixing of Asbestos Tape in exhaust system exhaust muffler and silencer tubing’s in Dozer D12 D13 D15 PIPARWAR Piparwar OC 08-12-2017
Complete Denting & Painting work of S7 & S11 L&T Shovel of Ashok Project of Piparwar Area. PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 08-12-2017
Installation and commissioning of interlocking arrangement of 11KV feeders with GOAB at 33KV/11KV. BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 08-12-2017
Repairing of 2 nos. of Lincoln make Lube pump Assy. (P/N-937N1F4) for P&H 1900AL Shovel of Piparwar. PIPARWAR Ashoka OC 08-12-2017
Hiring of 01 no. diesel driven closed jeep including supply of diesel by the contractor. BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 08-12-2017
Complete Denting and painting which includes fluorescent taping rubber mating operator cabin seat. PIPARWAR Piparwar OC 08-12-2017
Repair and maintenance of 03 nos Barrakc qtrs (Smt. Urmila Devi, Cat-I, Smt. Shayel Kumari, Cat-I, BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 08-12-2017
Denting/Repairing of railings and platform including fitment of rear view mirror and looking glass. PIPARWAR Piparwar OC 08-12-2017
Sprinkling of water for dust suppression on coal transportation road from Potanga workshop. BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 08-12-2017
Loading and transportation of coal from departmental surface stock of Tapin N OCP to Kedla Washery HAZARIBAGH Tapin North OC 08-12-2017
Repairing of head drum size 1600x1200x10mm of 949 belt conveyor of RLB section at KTW. KATHARA KARGALI WASHERY 08-12-2017
Providing and laying paver block PCC road at Main Entrance road and Changing Main gate at Office MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 08-12-2017
Providing Granular Sub-Base at Binglat More towards check post 290.10mtr. at Amrapali Project under MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 08-12-2017
Fabrication & erection of old damaged slime chute dismantling of 52 belt conveyor and then new. KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 08-12-2017
Making Guard wall and ramp at WB No.12 under Amrapali Project under Magadh-Amrapali Area. MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 08-12-2017
Work of Testing, Examination and certification of lifting tools, Tackles, Pressure Vessel & EOT. BOKARO & KARGALI Kargali Washery 08-12-2017
Repairing of worn out labyrinth covers and labyrinth ring and oil seal of crusher roll main bearing. NORTH KARANPURA K.D.H OC 08-12-2017
Drawing an overhead line of 33 KV O/H line from Feeder No. 05 (PPR to KD New Sub-station) to CRO. NORTH KARANPURA Churi�UG 08-12-2017
Dismantling and shifting of 90 feet Lattice Masts from Quarry – 2 weighbridge to new site at Quarry. NORTH KARANPURA Purnadih OC 08-12-2017
Proving Bamboo Fencing for Tree protection at Different school and village at Amrapali Project under MAGADH AMRAPALI GM Unit 08-12-2017
Laying & fixing of 6” dia delivery pipeline at Sump No. 3 in respect of Rohini Project, NK Area. NORTH KARANPURA Rohini OC 08-12-2017
Procurement of Slive valve, foot valve and Non return valve of 6” size and sluice valve and 4’’ size ARGADA GM Unit 08-12-2017
Repairing of 02 nos. electric operated gate valve size 500mm dia for return water pump unit no. 672 KATHARA KATHARA WASHERY 08-12-2017
Procurement of C.I. Test Weights for different weigh bridges of Sirka group of Argada Area. ARGADA GM Unit 08-12-2017
Procurement of pipe fitting For pindra colliery KUJU Pindra UG 08-12-2017
Procurement of Tata Hitachi Back hoe for Religara OCP of Argada Area. ARGADA GM Unit 08-12-2017
Repairing and reconditioning of different OCBs and VCBs installed at mine and working. HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 08-12-2017
Complete repairing and reconditioning of different VCB’s, OCB’s installed at main substation. HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 08-12-2017
Re-organization of 2.5MVA feeder, 3.3KV overhead line from existing route at coal depot to proposed. HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 08-12-2017
Hiring of 1 No. diesel jeep (closed body) with drivers on 24hrs/day basis for KedlaWashery. HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 08-12-2017
Annual Maintenance Contract for electrical repair & maintenance works to be carried out. HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 08-12-2017
Providing electrical re-wiring and main switch, ICTP, 63 Amp in 04 no.s “C” type quarters. HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 08-12-2017
Procurement of Sanitary Napkin Dispenser and Destroyer for women at RINPAS Ranchi (Ranchi Mental. CORPORATE Corporate HQ 07-12-2017
procurement of spares for tata hitachi zxi650 excavator HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 07-12-2017
Procurement of Spares for Kawasaki Make 115ZV Payloader. HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 07-12-2017
Construction of 6 nos of deep bore well including submersible pump (Solar power pumping system) RAJHARA Tetariakhar OC 07-12-2017
Providing and laying pipe line for fire fighting to coal stock heap number 5A south stock at TTK, RAJHARA Tetariakhar OC 07-12-2017
Operation and security contract for pump and motor at 16 B quarry pump house of Ara Colliery, under KUJU Ara OC 07-12-2017
R/M of boundary wall with concertina fencing coil of substation at colony no 42 under Tapin OCP. HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 07-12-2017
Refilling of subsidence area over depillared seam VIII of kedla underground project. HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 07-12-2017
Providing R.C.C Pavement & Making Protection wall for Ramp R.F.I.D for Road Weigh bridge in S. B. HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 07-12-2017
Providing protection wall for R.F.I.D system in 02 nos Road weigh bridge. HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 07-12-2017
Procurementof spares of EKG 05 A Shovel forJHKOCP of Hazaribagh Area. HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 07-12-2017
Spares for l&t 300 ck shovel i.e tooth adapter kathara area -01 item. KATHARA R.S JARANGDIH 07-12-2017
Procurementof Electrical spares of EKG 05 A Shovel Running at Jharkhand OCP of Hazaribagh Area. HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 07-12-2017
Procurementof Safety items for Jhk OCP of Hazaribagh Area. HAZARIBAGH GM Unit 07-12-2017
R/M. of boundary wall and back side main drain of Bhola Chouhan Quarter no.AAO- 2/3 at Colony. KATHARA GM Unit 07-12-2017
Resurfacing of Dozer path from diesel filling tank to 1/5 office culvert under Kathara Washery. KATHARA Kathara OC 07-12-2017
Modification of RajbhashaAnubhag Section, Mining Section and Samadhan Kendra with making toilet. BOKARO & KARGALI GM Unit 07-12-2017
Repair of main drain at quarter No. 99 to 142 at Gayatri colony under Kathara Colliery. KATHARA Kathara OC 07-12-2017
R/M of drinking water pipe line at Kashmir colony and different places under Bokaro Colliery BOKARO & KARGALI Bokaro OC 07-12-2017
Compressor room extension under DDU premises under Kathara Colliery. KATHARA Kathara OC 07-12-2017
Repairing/replacement of Roller frame & skirt frame for BC-3, BC-10 etc in Deshaling Plant at Sawang KATHARA SWANG WASHERY 07-12-2017
Hiring of 02 (Two) nos. hard top closed jeep, diesel version on 24 hrs. RAJHARA Tetariakhar OC 07-12-2017
Taking up the gardening work inside G.M. Bunglow in B&k Area. BOKARO & KARGALI GM Unit 07-12-2017
Repairing of Gear Box body U-500 and repairing of wheel shaft etc in Main Washing Plant at Sawang. KATHARA SWANG WASHERY 07-12-2017
Repair and heightening of ECO Park boundary wall near Bansgarha mine under Bhurkunda Project. BARKA SAYAL Bhurkunda OC 06-12-2017
Making drain at Saunda B Siding near Mobile Crusher, BARKA SAYAL Urimari OC 06-12-2017
Repair and maintenance of Toilets in Bharat Bharti Vidyalay at Urimari under GM Unit (B-S), Sayal. BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 06-12-2017
Drain cleaning and removal of waste material of Drain at (Bhurkunda Market. BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 06-12-2017
PCC Road from Railway crossing to Tipla (Back side of weigh bridge) under GM Unit (BS), Sayal. BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 06-12-2017
Repair and maintenance of GM Chamber, Addnl. GM Chamber, S.O.(P), S.O (C) Chamber, BARKA SAYAL GM Unit 06-12-2017
03 Nos. deep boring with lowering of 02 (Two) Nos. BARKA SAYAL Sayal D UG 06-12-2017
Roof treatment for 9 blocks D/S type and 4 blocks D/S D type qtrs. situated at Officers Colony throu BARKA SAYAL Urimari OC 06-12-2017

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