Central Coalfields Limited

CCL, the jewel of Jharkhand has become a Miniratna Company and is the 1st Miniratna Category-I Central Public Sector Undertaking of Jharkhand State.It gives us immense satisfaction that Central Coalfields Limited has not only performed well, but is poised to take a great leap forward in registering its name amongst the front runners of profit making & socially responsible Public Sector Companies in the country. The performance of CCL in recent years has been admired and appreciated at various levels. CCL has proved that it can establish its mighty presence as a successful business organization and reach dizzy height through sound corporate governance, efficient and gainful utilization of available resources, commitment & vision of top management, sincere and hard work of its employees.

Welfare Department

Welfare Department Welfare as a term which is understood to include such services, facilities and amenities as may be established in or in the vicinity of undertakings to enable the persons employed in them to perform their work in healthy, congenial surroundings and to provide them with amenities conducive to good health and high morale.

Welfare includes anything that is done for the comfort and improvement of employees and is provided over and above the wages. Welfare helps in keeping the morale and motivation of the employees high so as to retain the employees for longer duration.

Welfare has always been given the top priority subject matter of the organization and hence in every top management meetings like Board Meeting, Meeting of the Functional Director, CGM/GMs Coordination Meeting etc. Welfare is always the first point of the Agenda.


To provide quality life to the employees and their family members and the village populations living nearby the work place.


a) To provide better life and health.
b) To make the employees happy and satisfied.
c) To improve intellectual, cultural and material conditions of living of the employees.

Welfare Measures Since Nationalization

Activity  At the time of Nationalisation As on Date
Houses 22850 67527
Water Supply
Generation capacity (MGD) 8.249 MGD 18.39 MGD
Population covered by potable water supply 101500 324000


Dispensary 30 63
Hospital 16 19
No. of Beds 250 892
Ambulances 21 111
Doctors 60 231
Educational Facilities

Private Schools 10 67
Govt. School 4 54
Pvt. Comm. Mgd. School 8 43
Central School 2 1
DAV School - 15
Other Sponsored School - 5
College 1 4
School Bus 48 109

Statutory/Non-Statutory Welfare Measures
Cantee 25 59
Rest Shelter 04 45
Post Office 2 39
Bank Branch - 35+11(Extn. Counter)
Primary Co-operative - 08
Credit Societies - 21

Glance of Expenditure on Welfare Activities
Description 2012-13 (In Rs. Lac) 2013-14 (In Rs. Lac) 2014-15 (In Rs. Lac) 2015-16(In Rs. Lac)Up to June'15
Expenditure Expenditure Expenditure Expenditure
Residential & Welfare Heads & Maintenance 2527.92 2777.71 3079.36 734.41
Family Welfare Expenses 209.69 553.45
703.56 125.89
Sports & Recreation  1.53 3.42 0.12 00.00
Grant to School    56.48 58.04 49.42 16.52
Afforestation    1686.49 1909.77 2110.59 382.51
Purchase of Water  250.27 29.85 201.2 00.00
Medical Facilities 163.21 1098.52 1334.14 377.09
LPG Gas / Other Welfare 1470.21 1492.53 555.21 346.92
Scholarship   8.73 14.30 17.16  -
Grant to Club, Donation & Canteen 40.35 50.38 44.5 5.68
Uniform & maintenance of ambulances & school buses   7774.13 8831.7 9609.99 1426.43
Total 14189.01 16819.67 17705.25 3415.45

Chart Depicting the year Wise Expenditure


Chart Analysis of Expenditure year wise in Various Welfare Heads

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