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Employment Notices (Internal)

Sl.No. Area Ref. No. Description Display upto
1 HQ-P&IR/Rectt CCL/Rectt./Int. Avd./Res./2018/1256-57

Result of Written Examination held on 18/08/2018 for the post of Pharmacist and Technician (Pathological)

2 HQ-P&IR/Rectt CCL/Rectt./Avd./Exam/2018/1106(A)

Information to eligible departmental candidates regarding Written Exam for selection to posts advertised vide Employment Notice dated 25/05/2018

3 HQ-P&IR CCL/MP&Rectt./Int. Rectt./2018/1024-25 dated 27/06/2018

Revised vacancies in various posts under Employment Notification No.CCL/MP Rectt./Int.Rectt./2018/777-778 dated 25/05/2018

4 HQ-P&IR CCL/MP&Rectt./2018/777-78

Internal Employment Advertisement for Departmental Candidates only in various posts

5 HQ-P&IR Date- 22/02/2017

List of 473 persons for employment under para 9.3.0, 9.4.0 & 9.5.0

6 HQ-P&IR PD/FM/3091(16) Date- 23/11/2016

List of 473 persons for employment under para 9.3.0, 9.4.0 & 9.5.0

7 HQ-P&IR PD/FM/362(16) Dated : 03/02/2016

List of 92 persons for employment under para 9.3.0./9.4.0. and 9.5.0.



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